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“Brittle bones can break easily, and the main  mineral needed to keep bones flexible and shock absorbent is magnesium” says Carolyn Dean M.D., coauthor of Solve It With Supplements.

The study –proven protective dose: Studies suggest a daily 400 mg. magnesium supplement could prevent fractures for 71% of women –and reverse osteoporosis for 70% menopausal women.

Important: As always check with your doctor before taking any new supplement.

Build up bones with beer: It’s one of the richest sources of absorbable silicon, a mineral that helps your body form new bone tissue.. Which beer is best? “The palest malts have the highest silicon content-up to four times more than darker malts, “says  Charles W. Bamforth, Ph.D.  Brands to try : Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Dogfish Head IPA.

The study-proven protective dose: One 12-0z. bottle daily.  Other good sources of silicon include oats , barley and brown rice.

Get denser bones by trotting up stairs: Walking, running, and other weight-bearing exercises help prevent bone thinning.  But Tufts University research suggest quickly climbing the stairs-instead of taking them slowly-actually increase the bone density in as little as nine months.  The up and down action required when taking the stairs with more speed stimulates unique bone-building cells in the spine, pelvis and leg bones.

The study- proven protective strategy: As little as two minutes of brisk stair climbing daily! Sore knees? Lift light weights instead for 20 minutes.

Prunes prevent bone loss: Prunes are packed with boron, a trace mineral that stops calcium from being excreted by your body.  Aim to snack on five a day.

Cut your risk 45% with spinach: think you need to eat tons of veggies to keep your bones strong?  Research suggests eating half a cup a day of baby spinach{ or kale} can cut your  osteoporosis risk by 45%.  Each half-cup serving contains 450  mcg. of vitamin K, a vitamin that helps bones to absorb calcium better.

The study- proven protective dose: 200 mcg. to 500mcg. Vitamin K daily or a serving of spinach.

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