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Simple hair tricks

Scent your locks

Most perfumes contain alcohol and can dry out your hair.  Instead of spraying your hair spray your hands.  Wait a few seconds for the alcohol to disappear and then run your hands over your hair.


Camouflage Grey roots

Hide regrowth with powder eyes shadow that matches your natural hair color.  Set with hair spray.


Plump hair in a hurry

To transform limp hair in a hurry, spray your hair with dry shampoo.  Lightly spray at the roots of unwashed hair, massaging gently through the scalp, then  brush out the excess.  Use it to add texture to clean hair too.


Set your hair in a hurry

Have you ever wondered what the cool button on your hair dryer is for?  Immediately after styling press the cool button to set your style.  The cool air sets hair in place.


Smooth out your ponytail

Lift your chin toward the ceiling when gathering your hair to eliminate puffiness at the nape.


Create no crimp, tousled waves

Hold the curling iron vertically or simply leave the clamp closed and wrap the hair in small sections around the barrel like a candy cane, pulling the ends taught with your fingers.


Polish your coif

Static hair can wreck your style.  Try this trick. Mist a firm hold hair spray on an old toothbrush and use it to smooth the hairline and any static hair.

If  none of this works for you, then see your stylist LOL!!!

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