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For skin that is shinier, healthier, stronger and more radiant, take a hands on approach.

When it comes to rubdowns, your back, shoulders and feet hog the attention.  If you have ever had a face massage, you know it is the  top TLC that has benefits beyond simply feeling blissfull.


  • Skin massage  increases the blood flow, which plumps up slack skin
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage {getting toxins out of the way from cells so that more nutrients can travel in}
  • Adds luster to dull skin

Why skin massages work:

Steady rhythmic pressure in certain areas leads the blood to fully infuse the skin tissue leaving it nourished and glowing.  Rubbing the skin upwards can also prevent wrinkles and stop the skin from  sagging.

How often should you do skin massaging:

Massage your skin everyday, unless you have sensitive skin or have a condition called rosacea.  A skin condition like rosacea can become aggravated by too much fussing.

What to use for a skin massage:

Use a good moisturizer and be sure to avoid tugging on the delicate skin tissue around the eye.

How to do a skin massage:

  • Start with generous amounts of moisturizer.
  • Face your palms inward, hold them horizontally.
  • With upwards strokes, one hand quickly following the other, massage cheeks from left to right one hand following the other.
  • Apply pressure with your middle fingers to the inner corner of your eyes and circle around the socket three times.
  • Then use your middle finger to draw heart shapes from left to right on your forehead.
  • Finish by applying gentle, steady pressure on your temples with your middle and ring fingers.

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