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The skin is  the largest organ of our body. There is an organ /mineral correlation. To keep it healthy and balanced requires certain minerals to stay young and beautiful these include  silicon, sulphur, sodium, manganese, copper, iron and  potassium.   These minerals that I am talking about are not synthetics made in a man made laboratory.  They are natural minerals that come from nature’s laboratory.  These are the natural chemical elements that are needed to help the skin to repair, rebuild and regenerate.  Drugs and man made synthetics  cannot build new tissue only food can do that.

Food For The Skin!!

Herbal  & Minerals

  • Horsetail– Contains Copper and Silica
  • Comfrey-Contains Sodium
  • Geranium—Contains sulphur
  • Sage-Contains Sulphur
  • Lemon Grass-Contains manganese
  • Chamomile-Contains Iron
  • White Oak Bark-Contains Potassium


Mineral benefits for the skin

  • Silicon- Maintains elasticity of the skin. It is found in horsetail.
  • Copper-Removes fine lines, improving elasticity of skin, firming up the skin. Found in horsetail.
  • Iron-Carries oxygen to the cells. Found in chamomile.
  • Manganese– Restores collagen, reduces age spots.  Found in lemongrass.
  • Potassium – Helps with the growth of new cells.  Found in white oak bark.


  • Sodium Keeps skin hydrated and healthy.  Found in comfrey.
  • Sulphur Helps produce collagen.  Found in geraniums.

Healthy skin does not age fast !!!!!

The best way to make sure you are feeding your skin, is through all natural skin care.  Be sure to look for herbs and essential oils in the list of ingredients.

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