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Easy  beauty treatments to make you beautiful.


Face Cleansing




1.Supercharge your moisturizer!

For a baby soft face, instead of changing your moisturizer, try this trick.  Begin by placing a warm damp  wash cloth over your face before applying moisturizer.  When you apply moisturizer over damp skin the moisturizer penetrates more easily along with the help with the heat, leaving the skin hydrated.

  2. A new beauty treatment  to control your hair!

Next time you are out of your hair gel, and you don’t have time to run to the store, use  a product that is in your bathroom cabinet. Reach for some shaving cream,   Shaving cream has polymers that can hold your hair in place.  Work in small amounts where hair needs control.

3.Volumizing hair alert beauty treatment !

There are lots of women today using volumizing shampoo’s, conditioners, mouse and gels, to achieve added body.  It is best to limit these products as they can lift the hair cuticle and over using them  can frizz the hair.  This happens as the products have ingredients in them that cause the hair to swell and contract.  After many times of swelling and contracting the hair becomes dry, brittle and take on a  frizzy look.  This happens as the cuticle of the hair is lifted.

Take  vitamin  B5 or Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Silica, Lecithin, Evening Primrose Oil, Omega 3 fatty acids. For frizzy hair.

Look for hair gloss treatment that condition, shine and coats the hair for added volume and control.  The product that particularly use is Duragloss by John Amico. This treatment will only be found in professional hair styling salons.

3. Adult acne beauty treatment!

Still struggling with acne breakouts in your 30’s 40’s and beyond.  Don’t rely on foaming face washes alone. There is some oil in most cosmetics-even powder. Lathering up with a soapy product won’t cut the oil and you will have residue on your face that can cause blemishes.  The solution:

Remove all traces with a cream cleanser or a oil-based make-up remover that will loosen, break down and whisk away all unnatural oils.


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