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Benefits of Fish Oil


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University of Brazil scientist have uncovered evidence that ordinary fish oil supplements– the kind you can get for $10  at any drug store-may have hidden power to make your thyroid better.  And that is very good news for folks struggling to get thin.  Your thyroid is the gas pedal for your metabolism.  Fish oil primes the pedal “allowing the body to use more fat for fuel.”  So,a benefit of fish oil zooms flab away.


New thyroid fix!


Brazilian experts actually set out to see if a benefit of fish oil  might help to lower cholesterol-Turns out, thyroid hormone helps regulate cholesterols so they noticed signs that fish oil  “ was basically making thyroid more effective at clearing away more fat,” explains Baylor College of Medicine’s, Rida Arem M.D. author of  The thyroid Solution.  Experts already knew that omega-3 fatty acids  a benefit  of  fish oil seem to boost thyroid function yet the new research-which is still in early phases-hints that fish oils effect may be more powerful than previously thought. Dr. Arem and Dr. Shames agree there is no need for further studies to try this stuff.  After all fish oil is safe and is often recommended for pregnant women.


Sluggish Thyroid!

Slow  Metabolism!

Stubborn Fat!

“Miracle” oil FAQs


  • What’s the best dose?

About the best 1,000 mg. of fish oil a day, if you eat fish.

  • Does it work without a diet?

Fish oil can make pounds easier to shed, but you still need to take in fewer calories than you burn.

  • Does it supercharge any diet ?

Since starvation diets can damage the thyroid, experts recommend, experts recommend aiming for about 1,500 calories a day.  Opt for a high-nutrient mix of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, good carbs and good fat is healthiest, for your thyroid and all body systems.

  • What if my thyroid is already health? Fish oil can keep it that way.  And the supplement also offer other slimming benefits.


How fish oil benefits health! How it supercharges health!

  • It prevents arthritis! A benefit of fish oil  can reduce your risk of osteoarthritis by 50 %. Get plenty of fish oil !
  • It fights cancer! Scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center say that taking fish oil regularly seems to reduce breast cancer by 30%.
  • It protects your ticker! Danish researchers found that premenopausal  women who got plenty of omega-3’ from fish had a 90% lower risk of heart disease than women who avoided fish.
  • It lifts your spirits! After taking 2.000 mg. of fish oil daily for eight weeks, 70% of depressed women reported improved mood, according to a study at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Benefits of fish oil for slimming!


More ways fish oil slims!

  • Hunger shrinks! One study found that fish oil shifts the balance of hunger hormones, dialing down the urge to eat.  Omega-3’s also enhance mood.  When you feel better you’ll naturally crave less and eat less.  A benefit of fish oil that definitely has my attention.
  • Fat cells shut down! A Japanese study found that omega-3’s in fish oil help block excess calories we eat from being stuffed into fast cells . Explanation ! Omega-s’s may improve insulin, a hormone in charge of storing excess calories.
  • Fat becomes less stubborn! Omega 3’s help soothe  a type of internal inflammation that promotes weight gain, so weight loss becomes easier.


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