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Boost hair growth with amino acids!

Does it feel as your hair is growing in thinner and more brittle with every passing day?  The cause may be as simple as a deficiency in the basic building blocks of the strands themselves. Hair is a protein, and proteins are made up of amino acids. If you don’t have any amino acids, you don’t have any protein, which results in fine, weak hair. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied with a supplement or filling up on certain foods.

How does it happen!

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If your body isn’t getting enough of the amino acids it needs, it sends those it does have to your moat important organs {like the heart and liver}- Then starts stealing whatever it needs from your hair! It’s not something you’ll notice right away. Hair grows half an inch a month, so hair weakened or fractured due to amino acid deficiency may not break until it reaches a length of two or more inches- or it may manifest by shedding tiny new growing hairs.

What’s the best way to reverse a shortfall?

When it comes to keeping hair in optimal shape, lysine is critical. This essential amino acid produces the collagen that supports hair follicles, and it’s not something your body can create on its own. So taking a daily 1,000 mg. dose of l-lysine is one way to encourage steady hair growth. Another is replenishing your stores of all the amino acids by eating protein-rich meals made with eggs, meat and fish and having snacks packed with almonds, sunflower seeds or cashews, such as trail mix. Or take a supplement that along with lysine, packs other amino acids, including l-cysteine, which has antioxidant properties that help protect your scalp against damage by free radicals, and l-methionine, which builds the lattice work structure within the hair fiber that keeps strands strong. One option look for a Super Amino Acid supplement.


Ask your doctor before taking any supplement for the first time. Some amino acids may interact with certain medications.

How long until things are turned around?

Because hair only grows about an eighth of an inch a week, it will take at least six months of supplementation or changes to your diet to see significant results.
Information provided British researcher, Hugh Rushton M. D. and dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D.

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