Burn off 20 lbs of fat in just 60 minutes a week!

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Burn off 20 lbs of fat in just 60 minutes a week!
Morning Walk

Walk this way for optimum fat burn  ! Go quickly for one minute –pretend you are rushing for the bus—then go comfortable for one minute. Keep alternating for 20 minutes, then walk comfortable for a few minutes to cool down.

How intervals burns more fat!

You burn calories!

The body makes adjustments every time you do an interval.  Muscles fire all over the place, and many more calories are burned than when you go a steady pace.

You burn“fat”faster!

Performing high intensity

Exercise-even for 60 seconds at a pop-forces muscles to increase their fuel capacity, so they can deliver more power. In two  weeks interval exercisers see a 29% boost in enzymes linked to fuel metabolism. Bottom line: there’s significantly greater fat burn.

You get a better after burn! Post workout, your body continues to zap calories at an accelerated rate for hours—and this effect is greater after an interval session than traditional exercise.

Loose fat like crazy! In an Australian study, women using intervals lost three times more weight than those who stuck with a consistent pace. Ordinary walking is a miracle.  It works no matter what your age or fitness level and  intervals can help get your body where you want it to be a whole lot faster.

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