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Banish bad hair days forever!

If you are like most people, then there are times when you are just at odds with your hair. It does not matter how much you gel it, mousse it, even the hair products aren’t working.  Wow! Talking about a bad mood.

Curly hair is most prone to frizz, this hair is just naturally dry,  This is because the scalp’s hydrating oils have trouble traveling down winding coils.  The summer months seem to be the worst, to hydrate itself in summer, hair sucks in moisture from humid outside air, which swells strands and creates frizz.

What not to do: The worst thing to do is reach for a blow dryer or flat iron every single day.  Constant heat makes the hair drier causing it to frizz more.

What to do instead: Moisturize before you step outside.  Saturate your hair with a moisturizing shampoo { look for ingredients like coconut oil, and glycerin} plus a leave-in conditioner.  You’ll pack the hair with moisture , so when you do go outside it won’t absorb any more humidity… which will also cut the poof.

To style, thoroughly coat the hair  with a curl enhancing hair product. Then scrunch into waves and air dry.  If you prefer to blow it dry, then do so every other day and on the lowest heat speed settings.  Finish with a hair product that is silicone rich and spay the hair to temporarily glue the cuticles shut so they can’t peel up and frizz.

Always invest in quality hair products, because you wear your hair everyday.  You should wear it proud.

Oh! If I could be so lucky to have curly hair.  Good luck!

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