Could the Mineral Copper Keep You Young?

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Copper has many functions, it aids in the formation of bone, red blood cells, and works to balance with zinc and vitamin c to form elastin.  It is needed for healthy nerves, hair and skin color, energy production, healing process and taste sensitivity.

There are many signs of a copper deficiency, one of the early signs is osteoporosis.  Copper is essential for the formation of collagen which makes up the connective tissue in the bone matrix.

The body can get along without vitamins but not without minerals, the body cannot manufacturer it’s own minerals.

Copper deficiency are :

Dry brittle hair

Gray or white hair

Ptosis {sagging tissue, eyelids, stomach, breast}

Varicose Veins

Hypo and hyper thyroid { can bring on aging conditions}

High  blood cholesterol

Reduced glucose intolerance {low blood sugar}

Sources of copper are: almonds, avocados, barley, beans, black strap molasses, broccoli, garlic, lentils, liver, mushrooms, nuts, oats, oranges, pecans, radishes, raisins, salmon, seafood, soybeans, and green leafy vegetables.

Note: Small amounts of copper are essential, large doses can be toxic.

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