Cure yourself with the “forgotten mineral” zinc!

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 Tired! Hungry! Blue! Cure yourself with zinc!

A flood of new studies show that simply getting enough zinc in your daily diet can dramatically improve your health and well-being.  Why wait to feel great when you can…

Enjoy all – day energy and alertness with zinc!

Can’t keep your eyes open?  Recent studies suggest that simply upping your zinc stores can make your energy levels soar!  “At least eighty- energy producing cellular reactions grind to a halt when zinc is in short supply” explains Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. author, Super Nutrition for Women.  “Correct this shortfall and you’ll enjoy a major uptick in your energy, focus and concentration within a month.”

Stop overeating!

Ever notice how sometimes your tummies full yet your brain keep nudging you to eat? Zinc to the rescue!  A recent study suggests that this mineral boost your body’s production of appetite – taming leptin 142%-soaks into brain cells. It can end diet -sabotaging hunger pangs in two minutes.

Nix worries and anxiety!

Zinc is a key building block of dopamine, a brain chemical that halts blue moods, plus helps you stay calm, says  Gittleman.  Rev your zinc stores, and you will feel more upbeat in three weeks, say researchers at California’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

End summer cold with zinc!

A steady trickle of zinc in your diet helps you recover 42% faster from colds, reports the British Medical Journal.  Zinc activates at least 100 immunity boosting proteins, researchers explain.

Smell sweeter!

Get more zinc and scientist at England’s Reading University say you can stamp out stub burn body odors within three months.  Zinc works this magic by quashing the growth of stinky skin bacteria.

Foods or supplements?  You choose!

All, it takes to enjoy these great health benefits is 15 mg. -30mg. of zinc daily.  Foods that’ll help you hit that mark include Total Raisin Bran, Whole Grain Total or Kellogg’s Product 19 (15 mg. per cup); baked beans with pork (14 mg.  Per cup); beef (10 mg. per 4 oz.; dark turkey or chicken meat (up to 5 mg. per 1/2 cup); and oysters (7mg. each).

Prefer supplements? Take yours at bedtime.  You need lots of stomach acid to absorb zinc properly, and a new study suggests that your tummy’s acid output doubles after 10 p.m.

Important: Always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.






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