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Dr. Travis Stork Water Diet

Simply a glass of water
His easy water plan melts 8 lbs. and 10” a week!
Boost metabolism 25%, Slashes450 “hidden calories”! Makes every organ in your body healthier!

A lot of doctors prescribe difficult or even pricey strategies to fight extra pounds. Travis Stork isn’t one of them. “Start drinking water throughout the day, and you’ll trigger a lot of little changes in your body that can add up to serious weight loss,” the star of The Doctors insist. “The only reason you don’t hear more about water as a weight-loss supplement is because it’s free, so there’s no profit to be made. It can help you look better, feel better and be healthier.
What water can do for you
It makes hunger disappear!
Virginia Tech researchers found that the people who drink water before a meal will automatically consume 13% fewer calories at the sitting. The reason?  Think of your stomach as a balloon that expands and contracts based on how full it is. Water has zero calories, yet it still helps expand the balloon.” Says Dr.  Stork, so you feel full faster.”
It slashes 450 ”hidden calories” daily!
“Switch from sugary drinks to water, and the average American will cut 450 calories a day and feel less hungry overall, says Dr. Stork. “Sugary drinks stimulate hunger. So cutting them is such a smart move if you wan t to lose weight. “He even recommends weaning yourself off artificial sweetener. “Emerging research suggests that even sugary –tasting ‘diet’ drinks may lead to a higher risk for weight gain “he says.
It boost metabolism!
“When you drink ice water your body has to heat it up to body temperature,” notes Dr. Stork. This in turn causes metabolism to shoot up by 25% for 60 minutes, say German researchers.
The bottom line: “It’s not the complicated diets or super expensive supplements that end up making the difference” he insists. “It’s the simple things that we stick with. Water is a very easy thing you can do to change your  body for the better!”

What makes Dr, Stork water diet work so well:

Dr. Storks water Rx!

Drinking water as prescribed makes any plan including this one –work faster and more easily”
Lots of water rich foods!
Incorporating lots of moist foods like {fruit, veggies, and yogurt} makes this 1,400- calorie plan feel like you’re eating lots more.
Frequent sittings! Three meals and two snacks enhance the appetite reducing effect of water..
Add other very low cal extra s {spices, vinegar, lemon juice} in moderation. As always get a doctor’s okay to try a new plan.

Dr. Storks water  diet . To speed weight loss and boost overall health, Dr. Stork recommends the following doses of water.
Upon rising: 8 oz. water
Mid-morning: 8 oz. water
Before lunch: 8 oz. water
Mid-afternoon: 8 oz. water
Before dinner: 8 oz. water
8 p.m.: 8 oz. water
If you are not a fan of plain water try… adding slices of lime , lemon , even orange: chill and enjoy.

The most water –rich foods!
According to experts, these options pack lots of fat fighting water
• Food
• Lettuce: 8 calories per cup /95% water
• Tomatoes :22 calories per medium fruit/ 94% water
• Broth based soup 100-16 0calories per cup/92% water
• Watermelon: 46 calories per cup/92% water
• Broccoli: 31 calories per cup/91% water
• Grapefruit: 82 calories per fruit/91% water
• Carrots: 50 calories per cup/87% water
• Yogurt: 137 calories per cup {fat-free plain}
• Apples:77 calories per small fruit 85% water

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  1. Annie Marie Peters on November 6, 2014 at 1:57 pm said:

    Ooh! I would love to try this diet. I drink a lot of water throughout the day, so this should be an easy transition for me. I like the idea of incorporating some water-rich foods too!

  2. Cierra Brooks on November 7, 2014 at 5:21 pm said:

    I drink as much water as possible! Love this!

  3. Dwayne Sammy on November 30, 2017 at 12:37 am said:

    Dr. Travis Stork Water Diet is very good topic and you have shared very good material relating to water. Thank you very much for sharing it and carry on sharing it. gym flooring

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