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Dry Skin Brushing  Benefits

Dry skin brushing must be tried and tested to be believed.  You will feel more refreshed , cleaner , more alert, and ready to cope with just about anything.

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies.  It flushes out toxins outward by way of perspiration and absorbs nutrients and minerals from natural sunshine.  The skin also breathes and absorbs oxygen while exhaling carbon dioxide formed in our tissues.  The thousands of sweat glands which should operate to expel at least one pound of waste produces daily, regulate body temperature and act as miniature detoxifying organs working to cleanse the blood and free the system of suffocating poisons.  For all these reasons, it is worth taking special care of your skin.


Skin brushing stimulates the circulation , helping to pump the blood down through veins and up through the arteries feeding those organs of the body which lie near the surface.  It also stimulates the lymph and the adrenal glands.  It has a powerful rejuvenating effect on the nervous system  because of the hundreds of nerve endings in the skin.

The major lymph nodes are dumping stations for waste fluids and you can stimulate the expulsion of mucoid lymphatic material and impacted lymph {cellulite} by skin brushing.  These lymph nodes are situated behind the  elbows and knees, under the arms either side of the throat and especially the groin.  ‘Dry skin brushing ‘removes dead skin layers and other impurities, thus keeping the pores open and unclogged, and increases the eliminative capacity of the skin.  Used in conjunction with hot and cold showers skin brushing will help to stop colds from developing.


Five minutes of energetic dry skin brushing is equivalent to thirty minutes of jogging as far as physical tone is concerned.  It will build up healthy muscle tone and stimulate better distribution of fat deposits.  All in all it can help you feel younger and gives a terrific sense of well being.
Natural Bristle Bush

Skin Brushes


You will need a natural bristle with a detachable long wooden handle.  You should not share a skin brush, nor lend it to other people.  Nylon and synthetic fibers won’t do as they create static in the body.

How To Dry Skin Brush


  • Make sure your skin is dry.  Start with the soles of your feet.  Brush upwards towards the heart from below and downwards the toes from above
  • Brush vigorously up the legs and over the thighs remembering to brush towards the groin where the lymph nodes lie.   Use a circular clockwise movement over the abdomen, following the line  of the colon.  Do this ten times.  Avoid the genital area and the nipples.
  • Brush your palms and the backs of the hands, up the arms to your shoulders.  Use downward strokes on your neck and throat and over your chest.  To stimulate the lymph nodes under the arm you need to use your hands  to create  a pumping action. Lodge your thumb under your shoulder bone and with all the fingers grip your chest muscle  making sure the fingertips  get right into the armpit.  Squeeze and then release this area about fifteen times on each side.
  • Attach the handle to the brush so that you can brush across the top of your shoulders and the upper  back, then up over the buttocks and lower back.  This should take you about five minutes a daily. First thing in the morning is the best time.  Should you need to brush twice a day, don’t brush too close to bedtime or you will not sleep.  Brush every day for three months then reduce it to two or three times a weekly, changing the days of each week.
  • The scalp can be brushed to stimulate hair growth and get rid of dandruff or impurities but you may prefer to massage the scalp with your fingertips to move scalp skin.


Do not brush the face, use a softer and smaller brush.

Never brush skin that is irritated, damaged, infected, or over bad varicose veins.

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