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Firm up your arms

Rosemary essential oil

Firm Arms

Does your triceps look like bat wings?  Good news : Tightening triceps wiggle may be easier than we thought.  A recent study revealed that 85 percent of women that massaged their skin with rosemary oil found that it appeared tighter.  That’s because stimulating compounds in rosemary oil increase circulation in  muscles and skin,  creating firmer appearance in just a couple weeks.  “Rosemary essential oil also contains antioxidants such as carsonic acid and rosmarinic acid, which help repair and safeguard collagen for firmer skin.

 Firm Up Your Arms With Rosemary!  Simply mix 3 drops rosemary oil into your body moisturizer and massage into arms {or any area that need toning}

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  1. Diana,

    This is great! You should do really well with your blogs. Thanks for the info on “wing flapping”!

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