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You can put all the right things on your hair, your can pet, primp and pamper it.  But if you don’t put the right things in your body your hair is going to respond back to you by being dry and frizzy.

It is easier to treat dry hair internally than externally.  The most essential thing for dry hair is essential fatty acids.

Eat the so called good fats, such as olive and coconut oil, avocados , ground flax seeds, and raw nuts.  Valencia organic peanuts, many of these are high in both omega-6 fatty acids and minerals.

Also eat vegetables.  Juicing is also very nourishing to the hair.  Try juicing carrots, celery, cucumber, dandelion and chickweed.   These are all high in biotin, which helps to process fatty acids.  If you are not into juicing , than take biotin supplements for your hair, especially if you are experiencing hair loss.

Add some vitamins and minerals.  The best anti-oxidants are Vitamin A, C And E, beta carotene and selenium.  These help to disarm free radicals , toxic molecular structures, that can damage your cells.  Vitamin B 5 and B 6 . manganese, copper and calcium help in the manufacturing of hair keratin and also aid the thyroid.  MSM provides the sulfur that protein needs , including the ones that the hair needs.    The supplement Silica  adds volume.

Effective herds for the hair are horsetail and nettle.  They are rich in vitamins and minerals.   Turmeric is good  for proper liver function and to help the body process proteins.    Saw palmetto and Ginkgo Biloba both  help  promote luxurious hair growth .

Healthy hair is a reflection of your internal good health.  Watch what you eat and how you treat your hair.

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