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Get thicker hair

Get thicker hair!



Fake it! Hollywood stars use hair extensions to make hair look fuller.  Some professionals believe that leaving extensions too long tugs at hair follicles, weakening them and sometimes causing permanent hair loss!


“I disagree that extensions can cause permanent hair loss.” I have clients as well as myself that have worn extensions for years without any damage to the hair.”


Get minty! Lathering with a peppermint shampoo for thinning hair.  Peppermint shampoos stimulate your scalp, boosting blood circulation for stronger hair follicles for fuller hair.


Nourish hair from the inside out!   Certain vitamin and minerals are essential for new hair growth and thicker hair.    Vitamins and minerals are needed for a healthy scalp and follicle strength to prevent hair from shedding.  Try eating foods and supplements loaded with vitamins B, C.D, silica, biotin and amino acids such as salmon, chicken, eggs, lentils, leafy greens and berries.


Switch brushes! Surprise: Brushing your hair with a natural bristle brush encourages new hair growth!  Those massaging strokes stimulate blood flow, jump starting new hair growth.


 A top cause of thinning hair? Our follicles shrink as we get older, so we produce less hair and lose more hair.  Use products like women’s Rogaine.  When applied topical to the scalp the minoxidil increases the diameter of the hair follicles- so your hair actually grows thicker and it also prolongs the hair growth phase.

” I lost most of my hair after being given the drug Lovenox”  I took biotin, my hair grew back in 7 months.


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  2. Wow! Interesting read and also informative. My wife has thin hair and she is quite unhappy and frustrated about this. I just imagine how she will react when I will share this nice blog with her to mend her issue. Thanks for sharing this good post with us.

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