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Give Yourself a Natural Face Lift

Why do facial exercises? Because as we age our muscles begin to sag,  and when the muscles sag the skin attached to them also sags.  In fact, slack is one of the of the causes of the sagging and dropping that most of us eventually experience.

Sagging produces bags under the eyes, loose skin on the upper eye lids, jowls, pouches and crepe necks.  Lack of exercise makes the muscles thin and weak.  Working facial muscles with exercise helps restore muscle tissue’s elasticity, toning them, making the muscle plump and renewing their strength.

When you exercise the facial muscles you plump the muscles, the same way you pump iron to have a more defined muscles in your arms, chest, back, etc.  By performing facial exercise on a daily basis, the facial muscles are strengthened, regenerated, and enlarged.

Facial exercise is a natural approach to reshaping your facial appearance.  You can actually restructure your face to achieve a younger look. You can take years off your face without surgery.

When the facial muscles are worked under the skin you tone and tighten underlying structure of the face. Pale and sallow complexions become peachy pink and glowing.  This is accomplished as facial exercise increase the circulation of the skin.  Within days there will be a noticeable difference in the facial contour, complexion with a firmly toned rosier face.

This is what you can expect as the face ages:

Unwanted lines and furrows

Sagging loose skin

Eye Bags

Droopy eye lids

Longer nose

Crepe neck



Double chin

Smaller Lips

Turned down corners at the mouth

Loss of color

Loss of facial contour

This is what to expect with facial exercise:

More youthful appearance

Healthier skin  and rosier complexion

Smooth out wrinkles

Feed and nourish skin

Decrease in eye bags

Smoothed crepe neck

Improved profile

Lift sagging jaws

Healthier youthful skin

Redefined and contoured facial features

Now get started! Be sure and take pictures. You will want to monitor your transformation.

Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog


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