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I love making Halloween costumes and  dressing up for Halloween. I have been doing this for the last seven years with a couple of my friends. It gives me an opportunity to be creative, act a little crazy, and let the kid in me lose for the night.

Each year,  we say, ” This is our last year to dress up.” One of my friends says “she will keep dressing up as long as the Halloween make-up covers the lines on her face.”

My friends always make their costumes, but I am the last- minute gal! If there is not enough time to make mine, I buy one. I have actually had to have mine shipped overnight, so that  I can have a costume for Halloween night. I think I like living on the edge.

We usually attend a Halloween party with  mostly young people. Many times,  we are the main attraction; strangers come up to us and ask for pictures and even autographs. We are asked if we mind them posting us on Facebook, so that their  friends can see us. Many of them also want pictures taken with us.

Most of the time, we do not enter the Halloween contests. We leave that to the young attendees. We have won several contest in the past; however, we were much younger then.

I know that one day, our crazy Halloween night will end, but for right now,
I am going to enjoy it as along as it lasts. My Halloween costumes with my friends will be great memories.

My Halloween Costumes!

 Me in my Cat costume

Cats from the play "Cats"

Cats from the play “Cats”













Me in my Zebra Costume

Zebra Costume








Me in the Middle"Rock Star"

Me in the Middle”Rock Star”










Me as Kiss!        

Me as Kiss











With my friends, we rocked the party!

Me in the middle

Me in the middle










Loved being Avatar!




Me as Avatar

Me as Avatar














Peacocks, one of my favorites!

Making the Peacock tail

Making the Peacock tail


ipad 073

I am always in the middle!













I am the Peacock in the middle!











Here we are as movie stars!


Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe , Mae West

Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe , Mae West


We chose a movie star theme!


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  1. Annie Marie Peters on November 6, 2014 at 1:59 pm said:

    I love your KISS costume!! That’s so awesome. I’m a big fan of Halloween too. It’s my favorite time of year, and Halloween costumes are so much fun to create!

  2. Claudia Abel Passalacqua on September 15, 2016 at 1:18 pm said:

    How much for you peacock tail?

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