Headaches are not illnesses but symptoms of underlying di-ease{ the body is not at ease}. Tension headaches respond to calming herbs. If the headache is persistent it may indicate a need to relax or an appraisal of your lifestyle. Headaches due to mucus or sinusitis are eased by decongestant herbs,fresh air and a diet free from mucus forming foods such as dairy products. Migraines can be related to to food intolerance or pollutants. “Hot” migraines associated with constricted blood vessels, are relieved with ice packs and cooling remedies: “cold ” ones are related to dilated blood vessels, respond to a hot towel on the forehead and warm stimulating herbs. Some women find that their headaches are female related and hormonal herbs may help. Digestive remedies, especially liver-cleansing herbs like Agrimony, can also alleviate headaches. The eyes are associated with the liver and a migraine can be associated with an exuberant liver.

Tension Headache

Pain usually in frontal area
Scullcap:relaxant and restorative for the central nervous system, sedative, antispasmodic. Take tincture or infusion mix 45 ml. Skullcap and 5 ml Lemon Balm and take up to four 5 ml doses four times a day.

Wood Betony
: sedative, stimulates cerebral circulation; useful nervine for anxiety and nerves. Take infusion or tincture. Add sedative nervines such as lavender, Vervain, St. Johns Wort or Skullcap in the infusion or tincture. Avoid large doses when pregnant.

Migraine Headaches
Visual disturbances following pain. Pins and needles in limbs. Nausea and vomiting. Light sensitivity.
Remedies: Lavender Sedative analgesic with anti-spasmodic action cooling bitter for ” hot migraines”
Dilute 10 drops Lavender essential oils in 25 mg. carrier oil{almond oil} massage temples at first signs of symptoms, take an infusion made with flowers.. After the massage, drink the infusion of Lavender flower and Vervain {total of 30 g herb to 500 ml water in 1/2 cup doses.
Avoid high doses in pregnancy.

:Anti-inflammatory dilating the cerebral blood vessels easing “hot
migraines associated with constricting blood vessels.
Available in U. S. in capsules and tablets, use as directed. Can be combined with other tranquilizers and analgesics such as Valerian and Jamaican Dogwood tincture, taking up to 20 drops a day.

Severe stabbing pain often felt along the course of facial nerves. Can follow an injury or exposure to cold and drafts.

Symptoms: severe localized pain, related areas of skin highly sensitive to touch, regular occurrences.

Remedies: Lemon. Cooling, astringent, reputed nerve tonic , anti-inflammatory. Rub lemon slice over the affected area or use well diluted lemon essential oil.

St. Johns Wort:
Repairs and restores the nervous system : anti-inflammatory
take an infusion or apply the oil on the affected area.

If you are someone that suffers from headaches of any sort, try taking Feverfew. This herb is a preventive or will lessen the severity of the headache.

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