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Heal Yourself the Natural Way !

Worried about prescription medication– or worse- undergoing surgery.  People are seeking alternative remedies for their health woes.  They are discovering gentler,  cheaper, cures that work-without side effects.

Did You Know? Almost 40% of Americans are using some form of alternative medicine to heal themselves! The most popular remedies ! Fish oil, glucosamine, echinacea, and flaxseed!

Erase migraine pain with flowers! Researchers have found that almost 70% of migraines patients who take 75mg.  of butterbur extract twice a day slash the number of attacks by half within four months.  I t may work by removing migraine toxins out of the body.

Slash your cholesterol ! In one study,  patients taking 1,800 mg. of red yeast rice twice a day lowered the LDL cholesterol by 27% in three months.

Wash away heartburn with tea! Try drinking an herbal tea used for colic –plus a dose of apple juice which is a natural anti-acid.

Banish bladder pain with aloe vera! Have you been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.  A study shows that freeze dried aloe vera capsules had helped.  One woman took nine capsules daily, three at each meal.  Within three weeks she was virtually pain-free and has been able to stay that way, and has been able to reduce her dosage to three capsules a day.

Science says: Aloe has long been known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial  and pain- relieving properties.  There’s also evidence aloe vera may help repair  the lining of the bladder.

Some freeze dried aloe vera formula contains bladder irritants,  such  as citrus and caffeine, so check before buying. { If you would like a recommendation for a supplement which is free of anti-inflammatory causing additive contact Diana at  info@dadairs.com at www.daretobeyoung.com}

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