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Aloe Vera Prevents Tummy Troubles

Aloe’s  fiber composition soothes and detoxifies the intestines, sip 2 oz. to 4 oz. a day of pure aloe juice it works.   I mix mine with fruit juice, as I am all about flavor.   Aloe vera has over 200 nutrients  so with juice are by itself it is worth it.

Passion Flower

Passion is a natural  tranquilizer.  Next time you feel frazzled sip a cup.  In fact, a study found that the compounds in passion flower are like Valium, without negative side affects.

I have this plant in my yard, it is beautiful and smells wonderful! It makes  a lovely vine for fences.

Pineapple helps you heal faster

Studies show that bromelain , the main enzyme in pineapple speeds the healing of bruises , sprains and strains.  It can also cut the severity of colds by reducing mucus and congestion, an effect that is almost immediate.  To maximize the benefits drink pineapple juice, which even faster acting than the fruit.

Mango keeps you young

This fruit is packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants-especially beta carotene, that nourish and plump the cells of the skin.   Eating as little as 2 cups a week of sliced mango has been proven to slow aging from the sun.

Ginger zaps sore throats and colds

Gingers ability to squash virus has been proven in studies.  Next time you feel a clod coming on, brew a cup of ginger tea.  It also has anti-inflammatory compounds that sooth a sore throat instantly, while simultaneously attack the virus causing it- so often knocks a cold right out.

Bananas are a good mood food

Bananas are high in potassium-which help regulate the blood pressure in check and control headaches.   bananas are rich in tryptophan , an amino acid your brain turns into the  happiness serotonin.  Most anti depressant drugs work in helping to maintain an adequate supply of serotonin-something bananas do naturally.

Papaya eases pain

High in vitamin C and A and potassium, papaya is best known for the enzyme papain, proven to reduce swelling and relieve the pain of inflammatory conditions , such as arthritis, tendinitis and backaches.  It can be taken in a chewable tablet.

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