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These herbs are stars in the botanical herbs.  They are called Adaptogens, these herbs build life long stamina and strong immunity.   Adaptogens are among the most important class of herbs for general health purposes. These herbs that are being featured are for both men and women health issue’s.
Dried herbs (Explored)

For weakness, libido and overall health

Ashwagandha is the  single most important and valuable herb for both men and women.  It is for all weakness and deficiency conditions, as well as boosting libido.  By building health overall, it builds sexual energy and it noticeable usually after three to four days of regular use.



For coughing and wheezing, impotence, and chronic respiratory weakness

Cordyceps is an actual fungus that grows on moth larvae, but most modern codyceps is from mycelium grown in an controlled environment on a vegetable base, making the medicine more accessible and economical.  It is often used for wheezing , chronic coughing, and impotence.  It notifies ying and yang,it is very  safe and can be used for long periods of time.



For depression, anemia, erectile dysfunction and hormone imbalances

For centuries, Siberian natives have been using rhodiola root to help them thrive in their cold climate. It is used for fatigue, anemia, depression, impotence, and nervous system disorders. It is recommended for women’s hormonal irregularities and hormonal deficiencies associated with menopause.  It is great for exhaustion for overwork, nervous debility.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this one Diana.:) Most of us resorts to natural remedies/herbs instead of buying medical drugs which in a long run can manifest our liver. Ashwagandha, caught my attention. I hope it can be easily found in the market. I highly recommend this article to my friends! Thanks again Diana.

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