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The menopausal period affects each woman differently.  Some start early, but most experience the change around fifty.   Estrogen levels begin to drop during the postmenopausal but do not disappear.   Other organs take over in the production of estrogen and other hormones.  The organs known as the endocrine glands secrete hormones to maintain proper bodily function.

There are physical changes as well a psychological changes associated with menopause.   The most noticeable symptom associated with menopause is hot flashes.  Hot flashes are brought on by rushes of hormones into the blood for the gland system is adjusting to the new change.

There are herbs that can help the body  to adapt to these changes, by reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes.  These herbs should be taken for a few months are until the symptoms are gone.

Herbs are: Black cohosh, licorice, raspberry, sage  and squaw vine.   Licorice stimulates estrogen production.

Ginseng aids in relieving depression and in the production of estrogen.  Dong quai relieves hot flashes, vaginal dryness and depression.

How to take:  Take in pill form, teas or in an extract.  They can be taken in a singular form or by mixing several extracts together and add them to water or a juice of your choice.   Try also mixing several teas together.



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