How to Banish Blemishes with Honeysuckle

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Is this the most beautiful  flower and it gives back beauty to us.  Thank you mother nature.

These wonderful fragrant little flowers can clear skin thanks  to an alkaloid called berberine which kills bacteria behind the skins breakouts.  There is an  ingredient in the blossoms, it is known as salicylic acid, the active ingredient in over -the- counter acne -fighters.  To use: Fill a jar 2/3 with fresh flowers. cover with vodka and let steep for a week.  Strain and dab the liquid onto pimples with a cotton ball.

What else can honeysuckle do?  Salicylic acid is also the acrtive ingredient in aspirin, so honeysuckle tea helps relieve headaches.

Important: Avoid honeysuckle berries, they are toxic.

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