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Researchers have discovered that two teaspoons of this oil blocks fat storage !  Try it yourself and melt 5 inches of belly fat-no diet required.

Ohio State University in a study has shown that ordinary safflower oil can dissolve ordinary belly fat. These belly fat  prone ladies saw their tummies steadily shrink throughout the Ohio State University testing and yet they didn’t cut a single calorie or add a single workout.  By comparison women given a more common diet supplement didn’t lose an ounce of belly fat.  WOW! without diet or exercise.   Just a modest amount had a profound effect.   In fact a mere 2 tsp. of safflower oil a day worked for folks with the world’s most stubborn  ab fat, post menopausal women with Type 2 diabetes. 

Try this at home! Take 2 tsp. safflower oil daily.  You will lose belly fat even if you don’t diet.  One volunteer in the study ate as much as she wanted and still lost 5 inches  of belly fat in seven days.  The volunteers that dieted in the study plus took the oil lost a lots of belly fat and more overall weight.

Why it works! It revs up your fat burning! Ohio State University found that safflower oil increases the production of adiponectin, a hormone that signals the body to use fat or fuel.  For reasons scientist don’t understand .  In the case of women taking safflower oil, this extra fat burning seems to target then mid section the most.

It blocks your belly fat hormones!

Adiponectin has also been found to help the body make less insulin, a blood sugar hormone that stores extra carbs we eat as belly fat.  Better insulin control almost always means a flatter tummy.  Improving your insulin response can impact your appetite, so you naturally want to eat less. You burn off fattening foods faster! Increased adiponectin levels may improve the body’s ability to burn dietary fats.  Your body does two things with fat.  It stores it or burns it.  An increase in burning dietary fat will help you lose weight. Safflower oil can improve your health! It outsmarts heart trouble!  Safflower oil is rich in linoleic acid, a healthy monosaturated fat.  Get it regularly and researchers say, you could cut your risk of heart disease by 45%. It helps stop strokes! Japanese research found that each 5% increase in consumption of linoleic acid reduces the likelihood you’ll have a stroke by 28%. It targets cholesterol! A university at Southern California study found that safflower supplements trigger quick, dramatic reduction in cholesterol levels for about 50% of people tested.

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  6. Thank you so much! This is what I need to find. My belly fat is the problem now.

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