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Toxic buildup in the body has been linked to stress, fatigue, weight gain and mood disturbances.  You can avoid these symptoms it’s easy: Just soak in the tub.  “By inducing perspiration, a hot water bath will release toxins from from waste carrying lymph channels just under the skin.

Stressed Out

Toss epsom salt in hot water and soak.  The magnesium sulfate boost blood levels of magnesium by 14% in one week, according to research  conducted at the University of Birmingham School of Bio Sciences in the United Kingdom.  Magnesium plays a key role in regulating nerve and muscle activity to protect the body against stress.  Magnesium is needed in the body to manufacturer the enzymes quinone reductase  and glutathione  s- transferase, which assist neutralizing and eliminating  chemical toxins.  To get the benefits pour 1 cup of epsom salts into running water as the tub fills up.

Body Aches

The PH of the water can make a  difference in how the body eliminates toxins.  The body produces acidic waste as a natural by-product of metabolism and waste buildup can slow the flow of lymph.  When this happens there is a backlog of toxins that can trigger cellular inflammation that lead to body aches fatigue and brain fog.  When  the water is alkaline it helps to re balance the internal PH.  This can diminish cellular inflammation and reduce related symptoms.  To remedy add 2 cups of kosher salt and 2 cups of baking soda.

Sudden Weight Gain

Healing practitioners have known for a long time that the minerals in sea weed have a strong ionic charge that draws toxins out of the bodily cells.  Seaweed also pulls in key nutrients that smooth cellulite and release trapped fat.  The seaweed bladder wack  is rich in iodine an element that optimizes the thyroid gland to speed up the metabolism and rev up the production of the fat burning enzyme lipase.  Seaweed also contains alginates, polymers that enhance skin suppleness  and combat sagging skin.  To remedy add powder bladder wack  2 ounces  to your bath and or with 2 ounces  Epsom salts once weekly.


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