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How To Get Rid of Eye Bags

To start with and from my own personal experience, quit wasting your money on eye creams to eliminate eye bags.  If you have eye bags this is not an external condition.  Eye bags have one of two causes, although they are both similar.  {1} eye bags due to a pool of liquid {2} eye bags due to a pool of mucus.  The first type of eye bag appears watery and swollen, and the second type appears more fatty and swollen.  Both types of eye bags show disorders of the kidney, bladder and excretory functions.

There are several ways to get rid of eye  bags.  You can have them surgically removed.  This method is the quickest, and most expensive.  Remember if you choose this method  the eye bags are signs that there is an internal condition that needs to be addressed.  The organs that were mentioned are not functioning  properly and could be prematurely aging.  The next methods is to eliminate them by using your own body and literally remaking it from the inside out.

This is accomplished by performing some simple bending and stretching techniques  on a daily basis.  These techniques that I am referring to, balance the endocrine system .  The system that balances the body’s chemistry.  While some of the techniques restore and rejuvenate the internal organs through a form of self massage.

The benefits of these simple bending and stretching techniques are man.  They are for pretty much a cure for anything that ails you.  If you are looking to improve your health,  lose weight, improve your  looks and self image.  They actually reverse the signs of aging as well.

These techniques are to be performed on a daily basis and in sequence.  They are performed in this manner because they work the body’s system .  The first set of techniques  are called The Do In’s .  These technique’s are found in the book The Macrobiotic Way by Michio Kuchi.  The next techniques are the Five Rites they are found in The secret of the Fountain of Youth  by Peter Kelder.

Both techniques are found in Dare to be Young The Internal and External Age Reversing Program  by Diana Adair.

I have personally used these techniques.  I started because I had severe eye bags and droopy eye lids.  I have been able to avoid eye surgery and I was able to restore my health.  My only intention was to see if these techniques would help my eye condition.  I lost 10 pounds of weight 10 inches in my waste. Improved thyroid  and raised my low immune system,  My once stiff joints are now limber.  These simple bending and stretching techniques reversed the looks of my age and are keeping me young.


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