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Everyone wants a glowing gorgeous complexion- and now you can have it without spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery.

Affordable Skin Treatments


This procedure uses crystals to exfoliate the top layer of skin, revealing fresh, radiant skin cells underneath.  Even just going once a year can refresh your face.  To achieve  the best results, get a series of four to six .  The cost under $400.00.

Light Chemical Peels

Usually done with  glycolic acid, lactic and salicylic, these treatments peel away several layers of skin instead of just the top one.  The results are smoother,  lighter complexion and a more even skin tone.  One peel can give dramatic results.  The cost $150.00  to $300.00.

Natural Skin Fixes

When it comes to erasing years from the face , don’t forget about certain foods and supplements.  Snack on carrots! No other food boosts as much beta-carotene which helps keep surface cells plump and healthy.   Plus carrots are an excellent source of vitamin c, which encourages skin cell turnover and supports the formation of new collagen, which gives the skin it’s elasticity and youthful fullness.  Aim to enjoy 1/2 cup serving at least three times a week.

Taking these vitamins

For an added healthy skin boost, start taking a daily dose of 300 mg alpha lipoic acid.  This powerful nutrient revs your body’s production of antioxidants, which protect cells against free radical damage  and inflammation.  Another must: 1000 mg. of fish capsules daily.  The fatty acids destroy the free radicals responsible for damaging cells and creating signs of aging.

An exfoliating cleanser

These cleanser have micro beads that slough off the dull top layer  of skin and diminish lines and brown spots.

A moisturizer with a sun screen

Moisturizers with a sun screen, of course protect the skin and prevent sun damage, and may also have wrinkle fighting agents and nutrients to brighten  and smooth the skin.

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