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Every thing in life must balance and when it doesn’t, there is a tip of the scale.  When this happens in the body, a disease or an ailment appears.  In reality the body is not at ease {dis-ease}.  Certain diseases are related to various area’s of the body.  When the body is not at ease it ages faster.  So  to keep the body from aging faster, simply keep it healthy.

To keep the body healthy, it is important to keep an internal balance this is accomplished by supplying the body with food.  Certain foods contain certain minerals and these minerals have an affinity with certain organs.  The subject being, on how to keep the skin from aging , you should know the minerals the skin needs to keep balanced and from aging.  You can keep the balance internally with food or you can feed it topically.  The way to feed it topically is to nourish it with cosmetic preparations that contain botanicals.  Botanicals are plant life that contain the very minerals that our organs need to stay healthy.

The skin is  the largest organ of our body  and to keep it healthy and balanced requires certain minerals to stay young and beautiful these include  silicon, sulphur, iron, manganese and copper.  These minerals that I am talking about are not synthetics made in a man made laboratory.  They are natural minerals that come from nature’s laboratory.  These are the natural chemical elements that are needed to help the skin to repair, rebuild and regenerate.  Drugs and man made synthetics  cannot build new tissue only food can do that.

So what do we look for and how do we know what minerals these plants contain.  There are many plants that contain these minerals needed for the skin.

Silicon– Horsetail is an herb it contains the highest content of silica.  Silica or silicon maintains the elasticity of the skin.

Some of the  foods containing  silicon are, apples, asparagus, bananas, beans, carrots, cauliflower, grains, oats, corn, sweet potatoes.

Sulphur—White Oak Bark contains sulphur,  sulphur is needed for the synthesis of collagen.

Some of the foods containing sulphur are, avocados, brazil nuts, broccoli, cucumber, lima beans, snap beans, leaf lettuce.

Sodium– Maintains proper water balance in the body and needed for the skin.

Sodium of the sodium foods are celery, apples, asparagus, cabbage, cheese , fish, beets and greens, okra, turnips, carrots, black olives.

Manganese– Manganese is a component of the antioxidant enzyme manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD).  Antioxidants scavenge damaging particles in the body known as free radicals. These particles occur naturally in the body but can damage cell membranes, interact with genetic material, and possibly contribute to the aging process as well as the development of a number of health conditions.

Some of the foods containing  manganese are, almonds, blackberries, English walnuts, pineapple, black eyed  peas, apricots, celery, green beans.  Manganese is also found in the herb burdock.

Copper– Copper removes free radicals and helps to prevent cell structure  damage.  It is a powerful ant-oxidant.  Copper helps to restore elasticity and build collagen in your skin.

Some of the foods containing copper are whole grain cereals, soybeans, cherries, fruit, dark chocolate, legumes, nuts poultry.  The herbs horsetail and  sheep sorrel  also contain copper.

Skin Care products should be formulated for cosmetic purposes, to feed, nourish and keep the skin from premature aging.   They  should contain a high concentration of herbs and essential oils. These natural plant substances are used by physicians of naturopath as an alternative to drugs for healing purposes of the body.  It stands to reason then why an individual using a product especially with high concentration of natural healing resources just might experience  anti-aging  benefits to their skin.

Other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, shea butter, white pine, lemon grass, fennel, alpha hydroxy, comfrey, geranium, chamomile, sage. papaya, aloe vera, ginseng, horsetail and almond oil.

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