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Magnesium: Magnesium is nature’s laxative, a nerve mineral found {and needed mostly} in the digestive system.  It prevents and relieves autointoxification , refreshes the system and is a new cell promoter in the body.  Indications of magnesium deficiency are tiredness, excitement problems  and excessive emotions.  Principle sources are grapefruit, oranges, figs, whole barley, corn, yellow corn meal, wheat bran, coconut, and goat milk.

Fluorine: Fluorine is found {and mostly needed} in the structural system, tooth enamel and for preserving bones.  It is a disease resister and a beautifier in the body, and strengthening tendons and knitting bones.  Fluorine is destroyed by too high cooking temperature.  Raw goat milk contains highest content of fluorine.  Other sources are cauliflower, cabbage, cheese, cow milk, cod liver oil, Brussels sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, watercress, salads vegetables, and black bass fish.

Silicon: Silicon is found {and needed mostly} in the structural system, nails, hair, skin, teeth, and in the ligaments.  Silicon creates a magnetic quality and is the surgeon in the body, giving keen hearing, sparkling eyes, hard teeth, glossy hair, tones the system and gives resistance  to the body.  Silicon is especially important for agility in the body for walking and for dancing.  Indications of silicon deficiency are coordination problems, fungus, diseases, parched lips, feeling of approaching death, impotence, and sexual disability.   Principle sources of silicon are oats, barley, brown rice, rye, corn, peas, beans, lentils, wheat, spinach, asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, figs, strawberries, rice polishing, oat straw tea, watermelon seeds and peelings, coconut, sage, thyme, hops, prunes, pecans, cod liver oil.

Iron: Iron is essential in the blood as the oxygen carrier, prevents anemia, promotes vitality and ambition.  Iron foods attract oxygen.  Indications’ of iron deficiency weakness, skin eruptions, tendency for crying, leucorrhea, personal magnetism often fails, asthma problems, bronchitis and hemorrhages.  Principle sources are all green leafy vegetables, wild black berries and black cherries, liver, oysters, potatoes peeling broth, whole wheat, parsley, parsnips, spinach, Swiss chard, artichokes, asparagus, nettle tea, leeks,  white onions. rice bran. and salad greens.

Iodine: Iodine is a gland element.  It is the metabolize in the body, prevents goiters, normalizes gland and cell action, ejects and counteracts poisons.  Indications of an iodine deficiency are claustrophobia, fears, flabby arms, pronunciation difficulties and mental depression.  Principle sources of iodine are powdered Nova Scotia dulse, sea lettuce, sea foods, carrots, pears, onions, tomatoes, pineapple, potatoes skin, cod liver oil, garlic, watercress, green leek soup, clam juice and nettle tea.

Manganese: Manganese is a memory element, tissue strengthener, for linings of the body structure, increase resistance , improves memory, coordinates thought and action needed mostly in the nervous system.  Manganese dependent on iron and phosphorus.  Indications of deficiency are facial neuralgia, angry and silent moods and rectal cramps after meals.  Principle sources of manganese  are  almonds, black walnuts, water cress, mint, parsley, wintergreen, endive, pignolia nuts.

Nature has given us hundreds of foods that heal and restore the body.  One should study these foods and understand the healing properties they contain.  Commercial foods and drinks become slow acting poisons by default because they lack the necessary nutrients needed to maintain and rebuild the cells and tissues of the body.

Proper foods build the blood and tone the organs, nerve centers, brain centers  and the glandular system.  When deficient food elements are supplied in proper balance , the organs take on new strength.

Applying the laws of health leads to liveliness, strength, youthfulness and charm. You can age with the characteristics of youth.

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