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homemade yogurt

Prevent bad breath

Prevent bad breath instantly!

Mmmm….garlic bread.  But hours later your breath still smells like the Italian restaurant staple –and gum and mints aren’t masking the odor.  Yogurt to the rescue!  A recent Japanese study found that the active bacteria in yogurt reduce the noxious sulfur compounds in the mouth that cause bad breath, plaque and  gingivitis by 62%.

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  1. Bad breath I had it for about 18 years, I’d already decided when I was going to end my life. I was Mr. unpopular. I didn’t think to read about it on the web until one day a person I didn’t even know told me I had real bad breath and said he had it once too and told me to check online for a site called as it worked for him to cure his bad breath. I was thinking how nice he was as most people just hold their nose and walk away from me. Anyway I followed advice and after a week I noticed my tongue started turning red and the bad taste was gone from my mouth. I started noticing people had stopped holding their nose and trying to get away from me. A few months later I bumped into that guy again. I told him I use his advice and thought it worked, he ask me to breath out in to his face while he smelt it and he’s like smiling and said my breaths is fresh now. I could have hugged him, I didn’t tell him how I felt just a few months ago, but he and that site where a life saver to me. Don’t let bad breath ruin your life like it tried to do to me. Another site I found useful is it shows you how to test your breath without leaving home. My Dr writes- Hi I’m Dr James Wright, I’m an EMT bacterial researcher. I recommend all bad breath sufferers visit and and as I know of very good oral health outcomes from people who follow their advice. J.T SD

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