How to Stay Young and Healthy by Reversing Your Age From the Inside Out

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People are concerned about how they look and especially when it comes to the aging process.  Thousands of dollars are spent on topical cosmetics . The focus is on the external, when it should be on the internal.  How we age and the way we look as we age is determined by the conditions of our organs. The  condition of the organs, and internal systems, of the body appear as a condition or ailment in our body or on the body and especially our face.  These are signs there is an internal imbalance.  When there is an internal imbalance  this can cause premature aging. We  can experience deep wrinkling, eye bags, drooping eyelids, midriff bulge,  sagging skin and muscles, thinning hair and hair loss, body ailments  etc.

There is a way to slow the aging process down and even reverse the aging process.  This is achieved simply by using the body.  There are methods  and when used on a daily basis, the body becomes it’s own  mechanic and remakes itself from the inside out.

The methods are performed by bending and stretching the body.  As the body bends and stretches the organs are massaged  bringing fresh blood, rejuvenating the organs and flushing out toxins.  Toxin embed themselves in fat and can inhibit weight loss. The body is also taking in more oxygen which  burns fat.

The joints of the body  are  flexed  through these methods.  There are sensory nerves in the joints especially the head and neck.  These sensory nerves send a steady flow of sensory information to the brain, which increase activity to the cerebellum and thalamus.  This parts of brain integrate all the information coming in and regulate  the sympathetic  and parasympathetic  automatic systems of the body.  The brain send messages to the body such as the heart, lungs, intestines and glands restoring balance within the body, You can age with the characteristics of your youth.

When sensory nerves don’t receive signals,  they begin to atrophy which  leads to a breakdown in other functions. Lack of movement brings on a sensory slowdown that impacts every system of the body, which in turn brings on premature. aging.

These are some of the benefits that you can expect to improve , weight loss, wrinkling, muscle tone, eye bags,  back problems, joint  stiffness, bone problems, headaches,  allergies, sinus.  It is a cure for what ails you.

The methods I am talking about are found in  several books Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth  by Peter Kelder and The Macrobiotic Way by Michio  Kuchi,  The Internal and External Age Reversing Program by Diana Adair.

Diana Adair is a Dr. of Naturopath  she used these  age reversing methods to restore a condition that was causing her to prematurely age.  Her results were so amazing she decided to write a book and share her story.

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