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dry damaged hair

How to Treat  Dry Damaged  Hair


Chances are your hair will become damaged and dry from the summer sun.  The good news is you don’t have to live with it.  You can rejuvenate your hair and restore the shine in as little as three weeks, thanks to the citric acids in fresh juice.  The citric acid along with the carbonation of club soda will cleanse hair and remove any dirt and chlorine and salt buildup.


Here’s how:

1. In a clean spray bottle, mix one quarter cup of each club soda and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, orange juice and lemon juice.  If your hair is longer than shoulders length hair add an eighth of a cup more.

2. Add 1 drop of sage essential {found at most health food stores}

3. Wet hair thoroughly and then spray on the mixture. Comb it through so hair strands are evenly covered; leave it on for two to four minutes.

4. Finish up with your usual shampoo and conditioner.  Repeat every two weeks; for super dry hair;  damaged hair once every three weeks.

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