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If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may have a spring allergy and not even know it. In fact, the most stubborn symptom for eight in 10 of us isn’t sneezing or itchy eyes -it’s non stop fatigue.

Sneezing - September 18

Preventing flare-ups with saline

At least 84% of people who practice “nasal washing” using a saline solution to flush allergens out of their sinuses twice daily-report dramatic results in their symptoms within 72 hours plus significantly fewer allergy flare-ups with-in just one week.

Make your own nasal rinse !

  • Mix 4 cups sterile water
  • 1 tsp baking powder

Mix [warming in the microwave for 20 seconds helps the salt dissolve ] let cool, then use as directed with  a neti pot or squeeze bottle, both found in drug store.

Dodging  allergy trouble with cooked carrots and other vegetables

As many as three people with pollen allergies have flare ups if they eat foods containing similiar proteins, says Allergy and Asthma Care of New York. Some of the culprits include apples, carrots zucchini, celery  and tomatoes.

Heating these foods before eating can destroy a number of allergens by breaking down their symptoms triggering proteins which can quickly reduce symptoms.  Canned and frozen foods aren also great, since their proteins are denatured during processing.

Beating the bedroom trigger  with vitamin B5

Up to 75% of people with spring allergies are also sesitive to dust unites-allergens that grow like wildwire in linens and rugs during damp spring weather.  To the rescue Panthothenic Acid [vitamin B5] This nutrient kick-starts your body’s production of safe, natural anti-inflammatories that help you to handle dust mites without sniffling and sneezing.

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