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Supplements - lycopene, ubiquinol, cherry, omega-3 & multivitamin


Life Saving Supplements Every Woman Needs

Banish fatigue with a multi

  • Research suggest that 60% of us women aren’t getting enough of these lesser known minerals, manganese, molybdenum  and selenium and that is bad news considering they’re involved in chemical reactions that amp up energy and banish fatigue.  By taking a multi you can feel energetic in as little as two weeks.  Research: Center of Integrative Medicine. The cost is as little as 17 cents a day.

Women Prevent cancer with vitamin D

  • Take 1,000 iu of D and you’ll cut your risk of cancer in half.  Vitamin D helps control the growth of cells, and it can even  off abnormal ones before they spread.  The cost as little as 3 cents per day.  Great news for us women!

Sidestep a stroke with fish oil

  • Take around 200 mg. fish oil daily, and your risk of ever having a stroke will plunge by 50%, recent studies suggest.  Experts say that fish oil reduces stickiness in the blood, preventing dangerous clots from forming. The cost as little as 9 cents per day.


Prevent brain fog with B12

  • Researchers say 40% of Americans including us women are deficient in this brain boosting vitamin, which is hard to absorb from foods.  Fortunately a daily 1,000-mg to 2,000-mg supplement restores clear thinking and memory in just three weeks.  For best results, opt for sub lingual tablets [made to dissolve under the tongue ].  Find them at your health food store.  It is safe according to UCLA researchers ; no side affects have been reported with B12 .  The cost as little as 10 cents a day.

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