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Hers are lighter options and the calorie bombs to avoid

Hors d’oeuvres are sneaky little fat traps, so don’t get caught!

Snack on this

1 cup of air popped popcorn 31 calories

Not this 1/2 cup mixed nuts 407 calories

Snack on this chips and salsa  156 calories

Not this chips and guacamole 262 calories

Snack on  2 spicy wings 122 calories

Not this 2 breaded wings 262 calories

Snack on this  hummus and veggies 140 calorie

Not this veggies in ranch 330 calories

Snack on this 15 baked sweet potato fries 185 calories

Not this 15 french fries 305 calories

Snack on this 4 large shrimp and cocttail sauce 90 calories

Not this 4 scallops wrapped in bacon 199 calories

Snack on this 2 cocktail meatballs 68 calories

Not this 2 pigs in a blanket 188 calories

Snack on this 1 chicken kabob 100 calories

Not this 1 beef taco 184 calories

Snack on this 2 steamed spring rolls 160 calories

Not this 2 fried egg rolls 360 calories

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