Make thinning hair grow longer and thicker with rosemary!

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Rosemary a herb that is a kitchen staple, has been proven to stimulate hair follicles over time. Just massaging it into your scalp increases the blood circulation to the hair follicles, making the roots stronger and leading to less hair loss.

Make your own rosemary hair rejuvenating scalp oil

  • Remove the leaves from 1-6 sprigs of rosemary, discard the stems and set the leaves aside.
  • Use a double boiler or fill a small pan halfway with water; place on the stove top on medium heat and set a heat-safe bowl on top of the pan-not touching the water.
  • Add 1 cup olive oil and rosemary leaves into the bowl; continually stir while the oil is heating; stop when the oil is warm.
  • Strain the leaves out; let cool.
  • Massage the oil onto your scalp and work through your hair.
  • Leave the oil on your hair and scalp for at least 15 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual.

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  3. Hi Debbie
    I have not tried this particular remedy, but have used oils on my hair before, This is what I would do, put the oil on your hair and when you get ready to shampoo it out. Do not wet the hair with water. First put the shampoo on your hair, lather it up and then rinse it out. I have had oil on my hair and I always apply the shampoo first and then the water. The reason you add the shampoo first, is because oil and water do not mix, so therefore shampoo first. I hope I have been helpful and good luck.
    Diana Adair

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