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Melt belly fat!

The body-clock secret that melts 50% MORE BELLY FAT.


Burn belly fat!

Burn belly fat!

Just discovered! The body’s natural sleep hormone reprograms fat cells to self- destruct, so you can wake up 1 pound slimmer every day.

Flash forward to 2015: Breaking research reveals that there is an easy way to activate brown fat. “We’ve discovered that you don’t need to exercise to get fat burning benefits of brown fat- melatonin produces the same function,” says Dun-Xian Tan, M.D., PH.D., a researcher at the University of Texas who has been involved in numerous studies on this hormone, which regulates the body’s sleep cycle. His team’s research confirms that the melatonin activates existing brown fat in the body, causing that fat to actually burn itself up to generate energy.
Even better: “Melatonin can also genetically transform white fat into brown fat.” Melatonin stimulates energy burning mitochondria to form inside white-fat cells, creating a hybrid cell called “beige fat.” In the study, melatonin increased the ‘beiging” of white fat cells by 35 percent in obese mice. And as those beige-fat cells begin to burn themselves up, their tiny cellular fires spread to white –fat cells in their path-boosting fat burn even more.

This effect can translate into major weight loss: In one study, Japanese researchers found that increasing brown-fat levels doubles resting metabolism. And in a 14-week animal trial, melatonin supplementation was shown to reduce belly fat by 50 percent and total body fat by 25 percent-without making changes to food intake.
The results are even more impressive when the perks of melatonin’s impact on sleep is factored in: Supplementing with the hormone has shown to reduce the amount time needed to fall asleep, and in the studies at Mayo Clinic, people who took melatonin reduced their sleep disturbances and the nighttime awakening by more than 90 percent. That is a boon for slimming since sounder sleep reduces the output of appetite –revving hormones by 15 percent and slashes levels of stress hormone cortisol by 45 percent. These effects helped dieters in one study lose 138 percent more fat when they were well-rested than when they were sleep deprived.

Faster slimming isn’t the only benefit:
• Melatonin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.
• Protects the skin from UV light.
• In the gut protects us from infection
• Allows body to go into a deeper sleep, which allows release of growth hormone which rebuilds skin cells, muscle cells, bone cells.
• Combats sagging skin

Melatonin supplements especially key for those of us over 40:
• Melatonin dramatically decreases as we get older.
• As we age we have trouble falling asleep and we gain weight.
• People over 66 naturally produce 45 percent less melatonin than people under 40.

Take 3 to 6 mg a day.

Supplementing corrects these shortfalls-and gets you on the path to slim and vibrant!

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