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Coconut oil ! Melts Fat!

Study after study shows that certain healthy fats can protect you from chronic health woes.  So the next time you’re mixing up a salad dressing, sauteing vegetables or preparing fries,  go straight to coconut oil, it’s healthiest for you!

Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids {MCFA}, unique fats that go straight to the liver, where they help double your metabolic rate, plus shut down cravings for three hours straight

Study proven dosage: 2 Tbs. a day

Other healthy oils :Flax seed Oil– For depression

Study proven dosage: 2 Tbs. daily

Sesame Oil: For high blood pressure

Study proven dosage: 1 ounce daily


Krill oil: Boost energy, alertness, memory.

Study proven dosage: 500 mg. daily


Olivenol: Joint soreness, reduce inflammation and pain by 56%

Study proven dosage: Four capsules daily

Red Palm Oil: Made from the fruit of the palm tree, this heart-protective,  cancer fighting fat won’t smoke even at very high temperatures.

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