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Everyone at times experiences gastrointestinal  upsets once in a while.  Some people suffer with them daily.  Whether you are a chronic or a occasional sufferer,  there’s a drug free result.

Try these natural cures!

End indigestion with chamomile

Herbalists call it a calming sedative or stomach smoother.  Drinking a cup after a meal soothes away spasms in your stomach and digestive tract.  Avoid if you are allergic to ragweed.


Reduce Diarrhea

Studies at University of Kansas Medical Center  show by taking two probiotic supplements no matter what the cause of your symptoms, food, stress and antibiotics.  Probiotics are friendly bacteria that line your digestive tract.

Quell nausea  with ginger!

Danish studies show that most people with nausea within 3o minutes by taking a ginger capsule.  Ginger is as effective as taking Dramamine, for easing motion sickness-without any sleepy side effects.


Cure Constipation

One tablespoon a day of this fiber rich seed- which is also packed with essential fatty acid -can increase weekly bowel movements by 33% studies show.  Add pre-ground flax seed to yogurt, smoothies, and shakes to pancake and muffin mix.


Get plenty of rest, the stress hormone cortisol is tough on the digestive tract.  Try spending 30 minutes a day resting says British researchers this can reduce chronic stomach upset within weeks for most sufferers.

Oh those hormones!!!!!!!!!!

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