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Natural Ways to Balance Hormones

Your risk of hormonal imbalance skyrockets in the fall, due  the rapid reduction in UV light exposure.  UV shortfalls inhibit the pituitary and pineal glands, which  impact production of the hormones responsible for vitality.

Belly fat? Fatigue?

Problem hormone :Testosterone.

Women need testosterone to keep their muscles firm, bellies flat, skin youthful and energy levels and sex drive steady.  The best way to boost levels ,doing multi-joint exercises such as walking, swimming, which on the genes that stimulate testosterone production.  Four 30-minute sessions per week [raking leaves, washing the car,  and playing tennis all count] can cut most bothersome symptoms by 67% in just three weeks.

Anxiety? Brain fog?

Problem hormone: Oxytocin.

This ‘cuddle’ hormone reduces anxiety, sharpens memory and focus, soothes pain, lowers blood pressure  and speeds wound healing.  And the more oxytocin you produce, the more powerfully your body responds to it.  You can optimize oxytocin production in 60 seconds  by enjoying

A soothing repetitive motion of a swing, rocking chair or hammock.  Holding hands with a loved one or grooming a pet have a similar effect, says Brown University.

Heavy periods? Hot flashes?

Problem hormone: estrogen

When estrogen levels swing, you feel it in the form if heavy periods, hot flashes , night sweats, PMS, bloat and blue moods.  To the rescue , edamame.  It contains plant compound s that latch on the estrogen-receptor sites in the body to determine whether estrogen levels are too high or too low, then work to achieve balance.  This can relieve symptoms in a mere week.  The beneficial dose: 1 cup daily. Try it raw or in stir-fries.

Catch every cold  or bug?

Problem hormone: Cortisol

UV shortfalls can amplify the effects of this stress hormone, leading to compromised  immunity, sleeplessness and headaches.  But research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggest that a daily dose of pantothenic acid [vitamin B5] can dampen cortisol production and lead to a health turnaround in three weeks.  To restock your stores eat a few of these foods daily: 1 oz, of sunflower seeds or trail mix, or 1 cup of bran cereal, corn, or couscous.

Flabby? Low energy?
Problem hormone: Growth hormone.

They key to staying fit and having stamina can rest on whether your pituitary gland makes enough growth hormone.  According to Scottish researchers, sleeping an extra 30 minutes a night can normalize growth hormone production since most of the hormone is made as you snooze.  Can’t sleep,

  • Keep bedroom dark and cool
  • Limit caffeine intake

These things are more effective than meds at easing insomnia.

Prone to mood swings?

Problem hormone: Insulin

This hormone helps muscles absorb glucose, which is the key to prevent blood sugar flux that leads to low moods, fatigue and fat storage.  An effective way to normalize insulin levels and ward off symptoms within 30 days is to consume taurine, say Japanese researchers.  To get this proven dose of this amino acid, enjoy two eggs, two egg whites, or 4 oz. of fish, poultry or meat daily.

Tired ? Sagging Skin

Problem hormone:IGF-1

Insulin-like growth factor-1 [IGF-1] could be the most important hormone you’ve never heard of , “says Joseph F. Rano, M>D>, an antiaging researcher in Longwood Florida. “This liver enzyme is essential for keeping energy levels high  and fending off saggy skin, achy joints and other signs of aging”.  The connection:IGF-1 switches on the genes that repair damaged cells.  A short one-two minute burst of high-intensity exercise-like running for the bus, engaging in fast paced tidying spree or anything else that leaves you breathless instantly revs up IGF-1levels.  Aim for four burst of activity a day.

Fat Fix: A Burst of Activity

Also smart: Drink three glasses of low-fat milk a day-the calcium and whey protein stimulate IGF-1 production for steadier energy.

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