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Are you tired of eating right and barely losing weight. Do you feel like you are getting nowhere? Surprise! when you and eat the right way it can make all the difference. Just follow these simple rules.

1. Eat protein first. Studies show that the most successful dieters begin meals with protein first, then the veggies then- if they are still hungry-a few carbs. The reason being that protein feels heavy in your stomach and satisfies you sooner.

2. Exercise early. As little as five minutes in the morning gives your metabolism a jump start that keeps it going faster all day long, research shows. Morning exercisers stick to their routine 75% more, where people who wait until the evening are 25% likely to keep their exerciser routine going.

3. Stick to a schedule. Keeping the same mealtime tells your body it will be fed, cutting down on cravings and snack attacks.

4. Eat grapes. USDA studies reveal that fiber and other compounds in grapes activate the area in the brain that senses fullness. Plus, they’re plumped with water. Eating a cup a day can translate into a 42% drop in binge eating.

5. Turn in earlier. The more sleep you get the more pounds you shed. Sleep deprivation triggers hunger- and encourages the body to store fat.

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