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How to Soothe the Mind and Body with Beautifying Spa-Style Soaks.

Madira Snan(Beer Bath)

Reduce tension with a Lavender Salt Spa  Bath!


For ‘the  mind’…. Calm your nerves! Lavender is rich in linalool, an essential oil that de-stresses your nervous system,

For your health ….Soothe aches and pains! Lavender’s anti-inflammatories help relieve muscle aches and sinus pressure.

For your beauty… Erase skin imperfections! Lavender oil stimulates cell rejuvenation-that’s why herbalist use it to treat eczema and to minimize scarring and stretch marks.


Recharge with a Mint Spa  Bath!

For  the mind… Enjoy instant energy! Inhaling the scent of peppermint instantly energizes and awakens your mind.

For your health… Ease a headache! Studies show that peppermint oil– both inhaled and massaged into the skin –can relieve headache pain and even migraines.

For your beauty…  Applying one or two drops of peppermint oil on hair strands adds shine and gloss while also taming frizz and flyway’s.


Rejuvenate in a Rose Oil Spa  Bath!

For the mind!…Boost your mood! The scent of rose oil is a natural mood elevator and aphrodisiac.  It boost the production of dophamine , a calming brain chemical that puts you in a positive mood.

For your health … Tame PMS! Rose essential oil helps balance hormones, regulate your cycle and ease tension.  In a recent study found women with painful periods used a rose oil blend, their cramps were reduced dramatically.

For your beauty… Heal skin damage! Rose oil is packed with vitamins that help to rejuvenate skin cells and soften damaged skin.


Reawaken in a Citrus Spa  Bath!

For the mind...sharpen your focus! Lemon oils are uplifting and invigorating .  Aromatherapy studies show the scent increases concentration while boosting memory.

For your health… Stop itchiness! Itchy skin?  Lemon oil has an antiseptic and anti– inflammatory properties that calm the irritation, so you can stop scratching.

For your beauty… Even out skin tone!


Relax in a Chamomile Milk Spa  Bath!

For the  mind… Sleep soundly! Chamomile relaxes your mind and helps relieve anxiety/

For your health… Fight off a cold! Researchers found that chamomile works as an antibacterial to release cold symptoms like muscle and tension.

For your beauty…Beautify your skin ! Chamomile is an ideal ingredient to be used in general skin care, and especially where inflammation may be present, such as in various skin problems, including acne, irritation and other forms of rashes and skin complaints, plus the fact that it promotes granulation and cell regeneration.

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