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Plagued by recurring stress headaches!

After the Fall
Then there is great news for you and estimated 45 million other Americans who struggle with tension headaches.  Research confirms that natural remedies really can prevent them!  Try…

Riboflavin if you”re also prone to migraine headaches

A daily 400 mg. dose of this B vitamin can cut stress headaches and migraine flare-ups by 67%, according to European research.  Riboflavin relaxes both scalp muscles and blood vessels, so they can function properly without ending up in painful spasms, experts say.

Important: Talk to your doctor before taking a new supplement.

Fish oil if you struggle w the blue moods. Taking 2 g. To 3 g. Of fish oil daily cuts your risk of  both blue moods and tension headaches in half .  Fish oil is rich in omega-3 – fats that rev up production of mood – boosting serotonin, plus dampen inflammation, a major headache trigger.  Research of the Inflammation Research Foundation, Barry Sears Ph. D President.

Magnesium if anxiety is causing the throbbing. Chronic stress and anxiety are often signs of a magnesium deficiency;  correcting a shortfall by taking 400 mg. of this essential mineral daily can cut headache flare ups 42% in three months, research suggests.  Your body ends magnesium to keep muscles relaxed and nerves soothed, says, Alexander Mauskop, M.D. of the New York Headache Center.

Melatonin for insomnia- related headaches: Getting eight hours of sleep nightly helps prevent headaches by running up your production of pain killing neurotransmitters, says Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. author of Pain-Free 1-2-3.  But if you regularly toss and turn, don’t despair: Brazilian research  shows that insomniacs who take 3 mg. of melatonin 30 minutes before bed not only sleep more soundly , their headache flare -ups are cut in half.

Ginger if your joints hurt, too: Europeans research suggest, taking 2,000 mg. daily blocks the formation of pain leukotrienes , shutting down- headaches – and joint pain-triggering leukotrienes shutting down headaches- and joint pain- as effective as aspirin!


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  1. Annie Marie Peters on November 6, 2014 at 2:01 pm said:

    I’ve been suffering with stress headaches for years. I may give Magneseum a try. Sounds promising!

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