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Boost your metabolism and your overall health!


  • Skip slow-metabolism foods!

The more processed a food is, the more it is lacking what your body needs to keep itself lean.  Eat foods that are processed as little as possible-like slow-cooked oatmeal instead of fruit puffs and wild salmon instead of fish sticks.  Avoid nasty doses of sugar , fat and toxins that can stall calorie burning.  Studies show the fewer processed foods we eat, the less likely we are to weigh.

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  • Add high metabolism foods!

Research shows, that nothing stimulates metabolism more than protein.  Turns out, protein raises levels of amino acids that naturally stroke calorie burning.  Bonus: Extra protein reduces appetite too.


  • Boost calorie burn and metabolism with mini meals!

Every time we eat  we add fuel to our internal fire.  Spread your calories over six sittings, and everything just burns off.  A Swedish team found that dieters eating six meals a day consumed fewer calories, yet still lost more weight than women who ate three times a day.


  • Add moves that transform your body!

By creating all over firmness, muscle burns about 25 times more calories  than any other body tissue. To accomplish this, try a brisk 20-minute walk plus 10 minutes of any strength training.


More tricks to boost metabolism and overall health!

  • Switching to coconut oil

How it boost weight loss: Research shows it contains unique fatty acids that fight hunger and increase calorie burn

How it boost health: Opting for coconut oil is linked to a reduction in cholesterol; one study has also shown that the antibacterial properties  of the oil may make it more effective than traditional yeast-infection treatments.


  • Sipping 16oz. water per meal or snack

How it boost weight loss: Studies show it boosts calorie burn by 30% for 30 minutes and makes us less hungry.

How it boost overall health: Scientist have evidence that sipping H20 intake can do everything from improve our skin to erase migraines and ward off kidney stones.


  • Eating more yogurt

How it boost weight loss: New data suggest that eating  1 cup of yogurt a day can shrink our waist by a whole inch.

How it boost health: Yogurt bolsters immunity : a daily serving can boost white blood cells by 30%.


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