The Many Uses of Lemon for Beauty

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The many uses of lemons for beauty

Lemon is good for the hair, it is good for treating dandruff.  Rub a lemon on your scalp it regulates the  flow of blood in the scalp causing  the hair  to grow.  The glands are regulated too which help producing oil to have beautiful shiny hair.

Lemon has been used in aromatherapy soaps and oils to rejuvenate you in every aspect. If you have brittle nails rubbing lemon on your nails will strengthen them.  You can also soak them in lemon juice and water for 10 minutes and then brush them with equal parts of vinegar and warm water.

Lemon can also be used in the treatment of blackheads.  Rub the lemon over the blackheads,  keep it on the face and rinse it off in the morning . You will want to do this every day until the blackheads are gone.  It can also be used to freshen the breath just squirt some juice in the mouth.

Lemon juice is also good  to help reduce fine lines and furr0ws on the face.  Rub it over the area desires and best to put  olive oil on the skin first.  Lemon juice can lighten the skin and can remove suntans if left on the skin for an hour or more.


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