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Hair Conditioner

The  Multi Purposes of Hair Conditioner


  • Shine your plants! Dust grime can settle on the leaves of your houseplants, leaving them dull.  Remove build-up easily by rubbing the leaves with a dab of hair conditioner on a soft cloth .  It will lift the dirt and leave a shine behind.


  • Skip the shaving cream! Just a dime-size dollop of hair conditioner will help your razor gently glide over your skin.  Plus, it  will soften your skin while you shave.


  • Wash your dedicates! Forget fancy detergents!  Hand-wash dedicates with a small amount of conditioner mixed with water.  Bonus: It also softens fabric.


  • Squeaky door? Squeeze a small amount of conditioner onto a rag and apply to hinges.  The conditioner will lubricate the metal, stopping the squeak.


  • Polish metal! Pour a small amount onto a cloth  and rub over kitchen and bathroom faucets and garden tools, buff off the excess. The conditioner brings out the shine and prevents future water spots!


Don’t toss almost empty bottles! Use the last drops of conditioner to make a leave-in conditioner spray!  Fill the rest of the bottle of water, shake and pour into a spray bottle to make hair more manageable.



What a great way to save!!!

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