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The Fragrant Pharmacy

Enter into the fragrant pharmacy. From the moment you do, a whole world of possibility is waiting for you. Nature awaits you in its most powerful forms: aromatic, liquid essences known as essential oils. These concentrated oils are extracted from flowers, trees, roots, and other plant life. Essential oils are used for healing and beautifying the body. They are in complete biochemical harmony with the body and can heal a headache or flu symptoms.
A few drops of lavender oil applied to a burn can return the skin back to normal in a few days, whereas without it, it would form a blister and a scar. Lavender oil can be applied to the temples for a headache or directly on the skin to restore its elasticity.
Essential oils are the great untapped resources of the world. By taking them into our lives, we are providing ourselves protection and pleasure.

So here are the essential oils that will help reduce the appearance of cellulite:

Fat attack bath- Blend together 5 drops cypress, 8 drops grapefruit, 4 drops basil, and 3 drops juniper essential oils. Add just six drops of these special blended oils to your bath water to help dissolve away the fat!.

– Lavender oil may also be used in the treatment of stretch marks.

– Relieves congested and oily skin, having a toning effect on both skin and tissues. For this reason it is a good oil to use when treating cellulite.

(– There is some resemblance between cellulite skin and that of an orange peel and that might be one of the first clues that Orange essential oil is an exceptional oil for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Orange essential oil is a diuretic and is great for relieving fluid retention, it also softens the epidermis, stimulates blood circulation and lymph fluids and is very helpful in treating swollen tissue.

You can mix equal parts of Orange, Lemon, Cypress and Juniper essential oils and massaged these oils straight into your skin with no carrier oil but adding a few drops of base carrier oil might be a good idea if you have sensitive skin. The difference in the appearance of cellulite can be noticeable within a couple of days.

Essential oils are quite strong, they can be irritating to sensitive skin so it is important, if you have sensitive skin, to dilute them in a carrier base oil such as almond, jojoba, coconut, olive, grape seed or avocado oils. All of these oils are great for the skin.

Use the above formula to several ounces of carrier oil. If you find your skin is still sensitive add more carrier oil.

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