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Greasy Hair

Not only does our skin sweat in the heat, so does the top of your head.  The difference is while the sweat on your skin usually has a chance to evaporate., scalp sweat often gets stuck in your strands.  The stickiness  is like a fly trap, attracting dirt and pollen.

What not to do: Ramp up your shampooing routine.  Over washing strips your scalp’s natural oils, prompting your body to produce an excess amount.

What to do instead: Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo for your normal  shampoo.  They are made with extra cleansing agents to remove stuck –on oil and dirt.

On regular wash days  which should be two or three times a week {tops} use a gentle cleansing shampoo or one labeled for all hair types.  They have more moisturizers than a clarifying wash, so they balance out the scalp while still ridding it of dirt.

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